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In general, people value made in USA products because US products have a reputation of durability. Unlike other generators and well pumps that are powered with diesel, US solar generators help customers save money because it works with solar, wind and hydro power. The solar generators produce a different range of watts and Well Pumps a different range of HP. These two products are highly sought-after products around the world as an emergency power supply and provides energy sources in rural areas. The two products are powered by solar, wind and hydro power. Some of our products have a five years warranty provided for both products in addition to 24 7 technical support.

US Products

  • Solar Generator
  • Well Pump
  • Solar Panels

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Selam Global Enterprises, LLC is a distributor and wholesale buyer and exporter of made in USA products. The company also imports organic food and cotton clothes from Africa. Additionally, the company provides language services. Specifically, we provide interpretation and translation services.